Electromechanical simulation and test

In the process of development of complex system, designers have to deal with various complex problems. Hwa Create provides a variety of solutions for system design and verification, so that designers can focus on their own tasks, requirements, and complete the system design quickly and effectively.

With the increasingly extensive and in-depth application practices, the hardware-in-the-loop simulation system presents new requirements, more specialized functions and services for application, more diversified design environment (such as control, mechanical, hydraulic and other multi-disciplinary design environment) and multi-disciplinary joint real-time simulation, more open architecture requirements and more automatic and customized experimental operation mode, shorter simulation cycle and more powerful computing capabilities, more interface types etc.

Together with our customers, Hwa Create take relentless effort to engage technology and application innovation, builds leading simulation test platforms, provides customers with optimal solutions, three simulation test platforms have been developed.

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