-About Hwa Create
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Hwa Create Company is a technology and engineering innovator specializing in defense, civil government and industrial solutions, delivering products, solutions and services to meet customers’ mission-critical requirements. We provide advanced defense and industrial technologies, products and solutions across space, air, land and sea domains. We help our customers to plot and design, engineering and implementation, simulation and test of their products and solutions.

Founded in 1996, Hwa Create provides state-of-the-art sensors, terminals, systems and solutions for aerospace, land vehicle, precision guided weapon and its supporting systems, command and control and other advanced mission-critical systems.

Hwa Create is a public company list on stock market, with 12 subsidiary companies around China. Headquartered in ShangDi Beijing, We are AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified. At present, the company has authorized valid patent 309,426 software copyright and integrated circuit layout design.

Hwa Create Technology Co.,Ltd.