Unmanned Vehicle System and Precisely Guided Weapon

Providing advanced high accurate navigation system, datalink, as well as R&D platform for UAV and smart munitions.


Navigation solution for large and medium UAVs

1. Onboard satellite navigation board or terminal

2. Airborne inertial navigation terminal

3. Differential data link

4. Signal power divider

5. Navigation differential ground station

6. Anti-jamming antenna



Wing Loong II UAV

· Airborne navigation: Airborne board, airborne receiver and aerial antenna

· Differential data link: Airborne differential transmitter

· Power divider: one point four source power divider



· On board inertial navigation system

· High precision antenna


· Differential data link: differential transmitter and receiver antenna

· Power divider: 1/4 active power divider and 1/2 passive power divider

· Portable ground station: transmitting station, reference station, transmitting antenna, navigation antenna, bracket, etc


GNSS, and INS products and system for smart weapon

· GNSS missile borne receiver

· GNSS missile borne anti-jamming antenna

· MEMS inertial navigation system for UAV bomber

· MEMS Inertial/integrated UAV missile borne application system

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