RF simulation and test

With rich experience in RF simulation and testing technology, products, systems and solutions, Hwa Create provides customers with a package of RF simulation and test products and solutions in the fields of radar, satellite navigation, satellite communication, electronic countermeasures and seeker, etc., helping customers solve the test, implementation and verification of complex systems in the laboratory, outfield and actual combat environment. RF simulation test products and systems support the frequency range of 50MHz~37GHz, covering UHF/L/S/C/X/Ku/Ka and higher frequency and spectrum. Supports radar echo, target and jamming, signal environment, clutter signal simulation, satellite navigation and jamming signal simulation, and satellite communication comprehensive test and analysis.

· Radar simulation and test

· Satellite navigation simulation and test

· Satellite communication integrated test

RF module

The RF/microwave module product line includes L/S satellite navigation band antenna, X/Ku band radar test antenna, various amplifiers operating from 0.1ghz to 110ghz, pin switch, switch filter amplifier assembly, power divider, frequency multiplier, mixer, up/down converter, electronic attenuator, numerical control attenuator, numerical control phase shifter, frequency (signal) source, frequency synthesizer, satellite ground signal transponder, RF simulation microwave subsystem and other products are widely used in satellite navigation, satellite communication, electronic countermeasures, radar simulation test and other fields.

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