Communication & Network Simulation

The communication simulation platform supports the modeling and Simulation of communication network, equipment, protocol and algorithm, supports extended functions of distributed simulation and hardware-in-the-loop simulation, and provides supporting environment for channel and protocol test of software and hardware. Support 5G protocol simulation and wireless network planning and design. Provide technical support for mobile broadband service, Internet of things, Internet of vehicles and industrial automation. Supporting the R&D of communication network and network security range etc. The platform can also provide basic communication environment support for the comprehensive operation deduction and electronic warfare.

Network performance simulation equipment is mainly used in the laboratory and enterprise data center to simulate the real network environment and accelerate the network. Network performance simulation equipment can simulate WAN in LAN, including bandwidth, delay, packet loss, jitter, etc. The system supports transmission performance of network by network damage simulator to accelerate the network. Which can be widely applied in national defense, military industry, universities and research institutes etc.

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