BEST bus simulation and test platform

BEST is a comprehensive ARINC664, FC-AE, ARINC 818, ARINC429, 1553B bus simulation test platform, which can quickly build a multi network, multi bus simulation test environment, and can be customized and expanded according to the needs of users, providing a new solution for the new generation of bus communication simulation and system testing.

Features and advantages

·  Easy to expand, adopting component technology architecture, supporting third-party hardware.

·  Automatic test by using keyword definition similar to natural language, users can write test cases without programming, and support expansion.

·  Flexible and quick configured software for application scenarios, such as multi bus acquisition and monitoring software, ICD based automatic test software, etc.

·  Diversification of graphical controls, easy and quick to build user data monitoring interface, providing special controls for different industries.

·  User friendly interface, adopting cutting-edge Material interface design specifications, focusing on user experience.

Function descriptions

1)Hardware management

·  Support rich hardware interface resources, including ARINC664, FC-AE, ARINC-429, ARINC818, MIL-STD-1553B, RS232/RS422/RS485, FlexRay, CAN, DIO, AIO, etc.

·  Unified management of all I/O interface resources, support multi BUS, full channel work simultaneously.

·  Support status monitoring of hardware board

2)Data incentive

·  Application data incentive: provide engineering value based periodic and aperiodic data, video, image and other incentive methods.

·  Protocol layer fault injection: support user to complete arbitrary fault injection in the protocol layer by editing the original frame.

3)Data management

·  Data storage: provide a variety of data storage formats (* tdms, * bin and *. M, etc.), the stored data files can be imported for offline playback, and the playback content is consistent with the real-time monitoring.

·  Data retrieval: provide fast retrieval based on protocol fields and data blocks to facilitate users to view data.

·  Data report generation: support automatic report generation function for selected data record and data chart, reporting template customizable.

4)Automated testing

·  Test cases: provide ARINC664, FC-AE and other bus protocol conformance test cases, the test cases have been recognized by industry authorities.

·  Test report: test results are summarized and displayed in the form of test report after test execution, test process is trackable.

5) Data monitoring

·  Provide display function of classification list, supports the statistical analysis of ICD blocks, and displays the related protocol fields and data frames corresponding to different ICD blocks in the network.

·  All data frames in the network can be displayed according to the time stamp order, analyze the information according to the protocol, and highlight the wrong data frames in red.

·  Provide ICD list display function, supports users to select an ICD block, and automatically generates the list of ICD quantities in the ICD block. Users can view the real-time value of ICD quantities.

·  Provide various monitoring forms such as table, curve and graphic control, and users can customize the monitoring screen and layout.


After years of accumulation and refinement, the test platform has been applied to the BUS simulation test system of aviation, aerospace, ships, vehicles and so on.

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